Affinity Groups

CTLC Affinity Groups are email listserv groups that help like-minded professionals stay connected.  If you are interested in exploring cooperative projects and partnerships with other people in your area, then you are welcome to join any of the listservs below.

To join one, send an email to the listserv name show below, and append to it.  For the subject, type subscribe, and type some text in the message section so it is not blank.

For example, to join the Collection Management listserv, you would send an email like this:

Questions about Affinity Groups?  Please contact Stacey Wolf at

To: twuctlc-cm-request [at]

Subject: subscribe

Body: subscribe

You will get an email within a few minutes with further instructions on how to post to the listserv, how to unsubscribe, and how to get further help.  Emails are sent one by one. 

You can use Outlook rules or Gmail filters to automatically move all similar emails to a sub-folder for better organization.

Affinity Group Name listserv

Access Services / Public Services


Collection Management


Deans and Directors


Government Information


Reference and Instruction


Public Libraries


School Libraries