Collection Management Affinity Group Meeting Minutes 10/9/2013

CTLC-Collection Management Affinity Group

Meeting, October 9, 2013

University of North Texas

Present:                Sian Brannon, UNT                                               Coby Condrey, UNT

                                Kathryn Loafman, UNT                                        Beth Avery, UNT

                                Todd Enoch, UNT                                  Mark Henley, UNT

                                Cathy Sassen, UNT                                                Ashley Zmau, SMU

                                Kris Reed, TxWoman’s                                        Barbara Halbert, UNT

                                Dennis Gibbons, TCU                                           Dennis Odom, TCU

                                Laurel Crawford, UNT                                          Karen Harker, UNT

                                Leah Hamrick, UNTHSC                                       Lady Jane Hickey, Austin College

                                Shannon Fox, Austin College                             Lisa Huang, Collin College

                                Marie Bloechle, UNT

Discussion:  Future of CTLC-CM group

·         Group negotiations, consortium, better pricing, create new packages through vendors

·         Vendor demonstrations, users-group for specific products (like ILS)

·         Share information on resources, determine best practices

·         Split collection development focus areas between colleges

·         (should look at how the North Texas Assessment Group formed…)

Round-robin of happenings at each school


·         Remodel of library

·         LibGuides

·         DDA through YBP, will use EBL, ebrary, and EBSCOHost; (1 short term loan, then purchase)

·         Mass move to off-site storage


·         Open Access/Born-Digital content collection development librarian position

·         Collection Development liaison position

·         DDA (2 short term loans, then purchase)


·         E-only preference for journals

·         At end of huge moving project

·         Two years into YBP DDA, just refined profile


·         New college of Pharmacy-have small budget for that

·         Downsizing print collections

·         Repurposed space to student space

·         Migrated from Millennium to SirsiDynix

·         Going to implement PRIMO soon


·         Serials Solution ERM implementation

·         LibGuides

·         Remodel ideas are floating around

Austin College:

·         Started EBSCO EDS 2 years ago

·         Use SirsiDynix; migrating to OCLC WorldShare; go live December 12; doing bib cleanup

·         Doing RDA

·         E-journals are preferred

·         E-reference materials; Credo, Gale, Oxford

·         May offer up print bound journals to others

·         Member of West Consortium through SCELC

Collin College:

·         New health science center building coming

·         Moving heavily to ebooks

·         1 campus has RDA, 2 others don’t

·         No space issues

·         Have 2 more campuses opening in next 10 years

·         Use Polaris and Serials Solutions

Budgets for next year

·         TCU:  expect it to go up (winning the Rose Bowl helps; more donations); funded by allotment, no feese

·         TWU:  expect it to go up (enrollment); funded by library fee and allotment

·         SMU:  flat

·         Collin:  flat, potential increase

·         Austin: flat, 1st time in a while (have had mostly reductions)

·         UNTHSC:  up a little, moved from per student fee to per semester credit hour fee

·         UNT:  down

RDA:  Are you using it?

·         Yes:  UNT, SMU

·         In progress:  TWU, Austin

·         Think so:  TCU

Portico/LOCKSS:  Are you using it?

·         Portico:  TCU, Austin

·         LOCKSS:  UNT

Consortiums:  to which do you belong?

·         Collin:  HealthLine

·         SMU:  GWLA, SCELC

·         Austin:  SCELC (West Consortium)

Which primary book vendor do you use?

·         Austin:  Amazon and Baker & Taylor

·         Everyone else:  YBP


·         Austin, UNT, and TCU have used OCLC Collection Analysis

·         Doing reports, benchmarks, peer comparisons

ILL as part of collection development department?

·         No one has ILL as actual staff in their collection development departments

·         Many use ILL data in collection decisions

Collection specializations:  could we focus efforts and have certain campuses be hubs for specific collections?

·         Need good courier service

·         May be forced to explore this if budgets continue to be bad

·         Coby Condrey has worked on MOUs for this sort of thing

·         2COOL – Columbia and Cornell is an example

·         How do you do this in electronic time?

·         What are our subject specialties?

o    TCU:  English language, American literature, English literature, Luxembourg, religion

o    UNT:  Music, education, GovDocs, Texas history, LGBT, Military history

o    SMU:  Southwestern studies, Religion

o    TWU:  Women’s studies, cookbooks, nursing, health sciences

o    UNTHSC:  Osteopathic medicine

o    Collin:  Health sciences, Collin County Archives

o    Austin:  Grayson County Archives, gender studies, hard sciences

Pay-as-you-go for articles:  do you use it?

·         Austin used it at one time through Elsevier but cancelled due to low usage

·         TCU moving money into Elsevier; are happy with the service.  It is mediated by a librarian.  Also use “Infotrieve” and “Get-It-Now”

·         UNT just started “Get-It-Now”

Open Access/Open Content Policy:  how do you catalog web resources?

·         TCU:  adds records for webpages into catalog

·         Austin:  has added a few, but mostly add links to subject guides

·         SMU:  catalog open access titles on request

·         UNTHSC:  does government documents and open access journals

·         Collin:  lists some on database page, but not in catalog

Next CTLC Conference:  what do you want?

·         Birds-of-a-feather sessions

·         Computer lab for hands-on training

General discussions ensued…

·         Vanity presses

·         Quality of open access

·         Government shutdown