The Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) is an established group for library professionals in the Cross Timbers region.  We welcome librarians and library staff from southeastern Kansas across Central Oklahoma to Central Texas to take part in this collaboration of ideas, best practices and continued partnership.  Our mission is to serve the Cross Timbers region through staff development, resource sharing and innovative programming.

We are building a stronger network of current and future library professionals through our conference attendees and our Facebook resource center.

Our Mission:

The Cross Timbers Library Collaborative fosters partnerships among the region’s libraries through cooperative staff development, resource sharing, and innovative programming.

Our Values:

Inclusivity, Collaboration, Responsiveness, Cost Effectiveness, Sustainability, Innovation, Collegiality, Information Sharing, Flexibility, Leadership

Governance of the CTLC:

CTLC is a self-organized coalition of libraries with open membership. We are directed by participants; attendees at each planning meeting serve as the steering group for the organization.

Transparency in governance will be maintained by publishing outcomes of the planning meetings via the website and listserv.

Affinity groups based on the interests of individuals or organizations may form to address common issues.

Map of the Cross Timbers Region:

Map of Cross Timbers region

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