CTLC 2016 slides and posters

Presentations from CTLC 2016 are listed in the order that they appeared in the program. If you would like to include your slides, please contact Kevin.Hawkins@unt.edu.

  1. Katie Musick Peery (University of Texas at Arlington). Keynote
  2. Lee Andrew Hilyer (University of Houston Libraries). “Focus on the Learner: Strategies for Improving Your Presentations.”
  3. Jaime Eastman (Plano Public Library System). “Storytimes in a Snap:  Effective Planning and Presenting.”
  4. Karen Harker and Priya Parwani (University of North Texas). “Making MINES for Libraries Work for Your Library.”
  5. Coby Condrey (University of North Texas). “Evaluation of a Bestsellers Leasing Program in an Academic Library.”
  6. Rafia Mirza (University of Texas at Arlington). “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Workbook.”
  7. Kara Long (Baylor University). “Fearless Transformation: Applying OpenRefine to Digital Collections.”
  8. Seti Keshmiripour, Briana Knox, and Emily Peebles (University of North Texas Libraries). “Promoting Excellent Service: Establishing Core Competencies in Training Student Employees.”
  9. Marcia McIntosh and Shannon Willis (University of North Texas). “Digitization ‘Training Games’ Program at the University of North Texas.”
  10. Gabrielle Fletcher (North Central Texas College). “Archival Research.”
  11. Betty Shankle and Samantha Dodd (University of Texas at Arlington). “The Space Race-Moving, Storing, and Utilizing Special Collections Space.”
  12. Kris Helge (Tarrant County College – Northwest Campus). “Open Educational Resources Programming That Has Excited Co-Workers And Patrons.”
  13. Amanda Zerangue and Robbie Sittel (University of North Texas). “Legal Information Resources: A Primer for all Libraries.”
  14. Pamela Andrews (University of North Texas). “Who's Who in the Institutional Repository.”
  15. Andrew Smith and Shannon Fox-Teichmann (Austin College). “Maximizing Efficiencies, Troubleshooting Problems, and Gaining Feedback Using Google Forms.”
  16. Megan Heuer (Southern Methodist University). “Applying the ACRL Information Literacy Framework in the Real World.”
  17. Lela Evans (El Centro College / DCCCD). “Research with a Twist: Creating Concept Maps.”
  18. Chealsye Bowley (Texas Woman’s University). “We Can Edit!: Using Wikipedia to Empower Information Literacy.”
  19. Sylvia George-Williams and Jessie Zarazaga (Southern Methodist University). “Overview of the Spatial Literacy Initiative at Central University Libraries.”
  20. Marian Grona (Vernon College). “Animate Your Videos: Add Fun, Humor, and Creativity!”
  21. Susan Martin (Texas Woman’s University). “Staff Development on a Shoestring.”
  22. Leni Matthews and C.D. Walter (University of Texas at Arlington). “Lost in the Library.”
  23. Charlotte Vandervoort and Cherie Hohertz (University of Dallas). “Digital $ignage for Small Libraries and Limited Budgets.”
  24. Shannon Willis (University of North Texas). “Standardizing Quality Control and Visual Evaluation of Partner-Created Content.”
  25. Sian Brannon and Susan Smith (University of North Texas). “Academic Librarians & Technology Acceptance - Using the TAM2 Model.”
  26. Amy Castillo (Tarleton State University). “Workflow Diagrams: From Point A to Point B for Free.”
  27. Ashley Crane (Baylor University). “Standardizing Library Instruction across ENGL 1304 Course Sections.”
  28. Shannon Fox-Teichmann and Justin Banks (Austin College). “Reflections: Art and Inspiration, a Short Term Class Experience.”
  29. Hollie Gardner and Tyeson Seale (Southern Methodist University). “First Impressions: Introducing New Students to the Libraries at Orientation.”
  30. Lewis Giles, Faria Matin, and Stewart Caton (UNT Dallas College of Law). “Keeping Your Library Fun.”
  31. Valerie Lutes (Texas A&M University-Commerce). “Ready To Launch: Marketing a Virtual Learning Lab.”
  32. Ako Mendoza and Rhiannon Graham (Haslet Public Library). “Ready, Set, Walk: Promoting Patron Fitness Through Community Partnership.”
  33. Catherine Sassen, Karen Harker, and Erin O’Toole (University of North Texas). “Assessing an Academic Library Professional Development Program.”
  34. Alexandra Schutz and Caitlin Rookey (Texas Wesleyan University). “Obstacles Encountered when Applying for a Grant for an Academic Library.”
  35. Kevin Yanowski and Stacey Wolf (University of North Texas). “Chicken-scratch Decoded: Deciphering Professor Signatures for Improved Discoverability of ETDs.”
  36. North Texas Library Assessment Roundtable. Karen Harker (University of North Texas).
  37. Digital Humanities Roundtable. Cindy Boeke (Southern Methodist University), Ana Krahmer (University of North Texas), and Rafia Mirza (University of Texas at Arlington).
  38. Liaison Programs on Parade. Coby Condrey (University of North Texas), Carolyn Davidson Brewer (Tarrant County College – Northeast Campus), Tracy L. Hull (Texas Christian University), Sarah H. Northam (Texas A&M University-Commerce), and Kris Reed (Texas Woman’s University).  
  39. Christine Peterson (Amigos). “Amigos eShelf? Service: Is it for you?”
  40. Arta Kabashi (ProQuest). “Discover ProQuest Training Materials for your Library.”
  41. Janette Klein and Karen Harker (University of North Texas). “Charting New Territory: Mapping the UNT Libraries Collections.”
  42. Ali Behserresht (University of Texas at Arlington). “Space Use Observation Study at UTA Central Library.”
  43. Hollie Gardner and Lindsey Koch (Southern Methodist University). “Effective Partnerships for Libraries and New Student Orientation.”
  44. Ben Johansen and Megan Martinsen (Baylor University). “Data + Art: Digital Scholarship in the Art Department.”
  45. Sarah Brown and Liz Barksdale (University of Dallas). “Developing a Credit Bearing Information Literacy Class: A Case Study.”
  46. Lewis Giles, Faria Matin, and Stewart Caton (UNT Dallas College of Law). “Fostering Student Engagement Beyond Educationally Purposeful Activity.”