CTLC Mission Statement Drafting

To get ready for the upcoming CTLC planning meeting (Oct. 11) during which work will begin on a mission statement, some preparatory thinking about the mission statement will be undertaken.  To facilitate this, we have set up a wiki for people to use in brainstorming about the mission statement, reviewing examples of other library consortia mission statements, and guidance documents from other groups about the process of creating mission statements.  This wiki is available on the Referata wiki farm at the following URL:


The wiki pages can be edited both anonymously and with attribution.  If you would like your edits to be attributed, create an account on the system through its automated account creation process (http://ctlc.referata.com/w/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup).  If you just want to edit anonymously then have at it, the one caveat being that you must edit from a computer with a fixed IP number (the referata site may fuss at you if you come in on a wifi connection that does not have a fixed IP number to track the edits with, for security purposes).

Please do add your thoughts and suggestions to the site in advance of the meeting.  We will go into the meeting with the preparatory thoughts that people have shared through the wiki.  Also, if you cannot attend the meeting, this is a way for you to contribute your thoughts concerning the mission statement.