Digital Humanities Affinity Group

Group Description:

Digital Humanities are transforming scholarly communications in a wide range of disciplines, from literature and the fine arts, to music, history, and philosophy. How can libraries effectively support this resource-intensive new trend in humanities research? What are individual institutions doing to address the needs of scholars and students experimenting with DH methodologies? And how can libraries be collaborators with digital humanists? Join us to address these (and other!) questions, find collaborators, network with your peers, and share ideas.

Each DH Affinity Group meeting will feature a roundtable to give everyone an opportunity to share what's happening at their institution, and a hands-on miniworkshop and brainstorming session to highlight a particular software or technology that could help us help DH scholars and students.

Next Meeting:


Primary Contacts:

Ana Krahmer
Supervisor, Digital Newspaper Unit
University of North Texas Libraries

Rafia Mirza
Digital Humanities Librarian
University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Cindy Boeke
Digital Collections Developer
Southern Methodist University Central Libraries

Past Meetings:

October 13, 2014, Bridwell Library at Southern Methodist University. Workshop: Introduction to Text Mining by Spencer Keralis (UNT)

October 12, 2015, Texas Christian University Library, Ft. Worth, Texas. Workshop: Creating and Curating Electronic Literature byAmmie Harrison (TCU)